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The in-game map

Welcome to Nexus Clash, a persistent browser based game!

A What Now?

Persistent Browser Based Game! This means the game is played through a web browser and can be accessed from anywhere and requires no software to install and run. It also means that the game world is persistent, in that your character will remain logged in while you are gone and changes you make that affect the game world or your fellow players will not be reset every time you log out.

Like most other PBBGs, this game is based on Action Points (commonly referred to as AP). Action points determine the number of actions you can perform before you must wait for more to accumulate. Moving, attacking, using items, searching, all use an action point each to perform. Currently action points regenerate at the rate of one every fifteen minutes.

How Do I Play?

The first thing you need to do is create a character. Your character is a guy on the map that you can control and your means of interacting with the game.

Before you can create a character you need to make a game account at the main page. Once you've done that, click on the Game Map link on the top menu. This will take you to a page where you are prompted to create a character.

Right now all you need to do is pick your character's name and starting skill.

Once you've got your guy, you can move around the world and interact with it in several ways. The map for this game is grid-based and you can move in any of the eight directions surrounding your character. You can also move inside and outside of buildings if the square you are on is a building square.

If there are other characters present you may interact with them by attacking them with any weapons you might have, healing them if you have first aid kits, giving them items, whispering to them, or simply ignoring them and moving on. You can also search any area of the map and open and close doors to get in or keep others out. What you do is up to you! There is no one way to play. You can be a sadistic killer or a helpful healer and crafter. However you want to play, there is a way to do it!

What? I Died? What The Hell?

Yeah, that's going to happen. Angels will kill you because you have Evil morality, Demons will kill you because they're bloodthirsty hellspawn, Neutrals will kill you because they don't like your pink cowboy hat, Mortals will kill you for practice. There's always someone out there who wants your blood on the floor. This is a fact of the Nexus; you can forgive your attacker or seek revenge but you cannot prevent it forever. Just click the Respawn button, and you will return to the battleground with a new Aspect and your regular inventory. This costs just 1 AP when you start, increasing as you level up until you reach Level 30, where it costs 15AP. As a mortal, you will respawn in a random location making it a great way to explore the map.

Some of your gear may be damaged when you die, but that's why people get the Repair Item skill. (Or join a Faction with characters who have crafting and Repair skills.)

If a character takes enough damage or dies often enough during their existence, there are even Character Points rewarded that can help unlock skills easier. There is nothing wrong with actively avoiding death (500 are required) or looking forward to each death (some classes can benefit!); it is all part of natural game progression.

Where the Heck Am I? Where Are The Gun Stores?

Newly created characters start out at a random location on the map of Valhalla. There are other planes, but you won't start spawning in them until you reach Tier Two (though they can be reached by portals).

What Skill Should I Buy?

Recommended Starting Skills

Generally you will want to buy a skill that lets you acquire other skills faster. Two of the fastest ways to level up are through First Aid and Melee Combat.

Melee Combat - If you choose Melee Combat you will start the game with a melee weapon and there will be nothing stopping you from beating the tar out of anyone you run into! Hooray! However your weapon can be damaged and made less effective- pick up a spare or find a faction mate with repair item just in case. Or grab an improvised weapon from a factory, mall, apartment building, etc. - they don't do as much damage, but they don't break either.

First Aid - If you choose First Aid you will begin the game with a few First Aid Kits which you can use to heal injured characters. Once you run out of them, you will have to go to a hospital to search for more. Note that finding people to heal can be hard - demons can't be healed, and many attackers leave the victim dead. (Note that you cannot farm healing XP by wounding folks and then healing them - you will get zero XP for healing someone you or an alt wounded.)

Decent Starting Skills

There are some other skills that can make for a decent starting experience, but are generally discouraged for players who are totally new to the game.

Hand-to-Hand Combat is a very low-maintenance skill but also a low damage skill. It can be frustrating for a complete newbie to level it up. However it requires no maintenance, so can be a good choice for a casual player.

Ranged Combat is the highest maintenance combat tree as it requires not only a Ranged Weapon but also Ammunition for that weapon. If you start with this skill you will begin play with enough ammunition to take several shots, but probably not enough to level up with before you have to search for more. Finding ammunition is only possible in certain map squares (Gunstores primarily) and finding them and searching successfully can be bothersome for a newbie. You can also gain experience by setting out bottle of liquid and shooting them or throwing rocks or knives at them. Destroying a target gets you XP.

Repair Item gives you the advantage of not needing to find other characters. Your best bet is searching and repairing in a gunstore- not only will it give you XP but also ammo and weapons if you plan to get ranged combat skills later. If you aren't planning to focus on ranged combat it isn't really worth it as a first skill.

Starting Skills to Avoid

And finally, while you can select the following as starting skills, it will probably make you find the game a lot less fun than it really is and therefore it is strongly recommended you do NOT select the following as starting skills.

Hide is useless as a starting skill. Being able to hide won't help you level. If you die, it's only going to cost you a few AP to respawn anyway. This can be a useful tool later on in the game, but there is no reason to buy it starting off.

Search is a good skill for a character who wants to level by reading Books, and can also be a good skill for a character that will need to find ammunition or crafting components. But until you play around and figure out what exactly that means you're better off starting with something else.

Likewise Engineering can be a decent skill for a character who really wants to fix doors and keep the power on. However, this is not generally considered the most riveting part of the game, especially for a new player.

Lockpicking gives 5XP every time you succeed. But hardly anyone in the Nexus bothers locking their doors because the common technique for gaining entry is just to bash the door until it breaks. So you could spend all your turns just looking for a locked door to pick.

Swim is considered one the more useless skills in the game. It will allow you to enter Water spaces and cross rivers without diverting to a bridge, but it won't help gain XP. This skill can be safely ignored for most characters.

How do I Advance My Character?

Example of a Character sheet. Click for fullsize

By earning experience. You earn experience points (XP) for:

  • Damaging Other Characters
  • Killing Other Characters
  • Healing Other Characters
  • Repairing Items
  • Breaking and Fixing Doors
  • Breaking and Fixing Generators
  • Reading Books

Once you have earned enough you will gain a level, as well as some Character Points (CP). If you have enough character points you can purchase a new skill!

If you gain enough levels, you can pick a new character class.

What Classes Are There Beyond Mortal?

When you reach Level 10, you will be able to choose your Tier 2 class. There are Good, Neutral, and Evil Alignments, with each alignment having a Combat class and a Spellcaster class. If you want to choose Good or Evil, you will need to have an appropriate Morality (MO) score. You may find you need to heal a bunch of people or smash a bunch of doors to reach the MO you need. Then you will need to maintain your MO, or lose your fancy new powers (you will still have access to your Mortal skills). If you choose to be a Neutral you can have whatever MO you want, but you won't be able to become a Demon or an Angel.

The Tier 2 classes can use Magic Points (MP) for something other than paying portals' costs. Combat classes have skills that charge their attacks or heal them up. Spellcasters skills let characters use spells to directly convert MP to damaging attacks, synthesise useful potions, or just Infuse ground for their Faction.

Spellcasters are better suited for living in a Faction, where they can sit behind a Stronghold Ward and take the time to charge up their supply of spellgems, or spend time infusing land to their faction. Combat classes are easier to play on their own out in the wild, but they also benefit from having a Stronghold Ward and comrades to help supply potions and fresh equipment.

And Then?

Then there are the 20 Tier 3 classes, with a wide variety of skills. You get crazy stuff like Infernal Behemoths on fire with whips dripping acid, Holy Seraphim powered by clockwork, tattooed Nexus Champions that adapt to the damage dealt to them, Redeemed demons who have renounced their wicked ways (and encourage the same). You can be one of them! Have a look at the Classes now!

What's it all about, really?

The world is collapsing. a new world will be born from the pieces. Nexus Clash is an epic struggle between Good, Evil, and Free Will with characters battling for the supremacy of their patron Elder Power in the next world. Each round is called a Breath and at the end, the world we know is destroyed and a new world born from the ashes.

Okay, but I still don't know what <insert something> means

Most likely you'll find it in the Glossary of Terms list, if not be sure to ask around on the forum. Most people there won't eat you (some might, given proper seasoning) and you'll be doing future clueless people a favor as it will soon be added to the wiki. A contributor is you!